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Mission 1: Build a Squarebot

This mission makes use of the Vex Robotics kit.  Follow the instructions in the included binder to create a remote controlled robo-car!  

Here's a few tips:

Start by finding and identifying all the parts needed.  Make sure you're using the right ones, as many parts look similar.  After that, break up into teams of 2 to work on the assembly.

The following assemblies can all be worked on at roughly the same time:
  • Inner chassis rails - Page 2.6 (only a few steps)
  • Outer chassis rails - Page 2.8
  • Motor Subassembly - Page 2.12 (connects with Inner chassis rails)
  • Mount the Power Pack - Power section, Power Pack Page 4
  • Mount Sensors - Page 5.3
  • Mount RF Reciever (do this after Mounting the Power Pack)
  • Understanding the Control System - Page 6.7
Chassis Subassembly, pages 2.15-2.26, are all working with 1 unit.  A team of 4 can do all the work here.
Logic assembly, page 7.6, also works with the whole bot.