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Mission 5: Design a new Hackers logo or a Mission Badge

In this mission you'll learn about vector editing.  Many images you see on a computer are raster images, which means they are painted from thousands of tiny dots, called pixels.  If you stretch out a raster image, you can see the pixels get larger, like this

Vectors are lines and curves based on math.  They are made from geometric shapes, like circles and rectangles.  When you stretch out a vector image, the computer recalculates how the line should look, keeping it smooth, like this:

Since they're made of shapes and can be changed easily, vector designs are great for making logos.  This tutorial shows you how to make camp icons from simple shapes using Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is a well-known vector editing software, but it's very expensive, so we're going to use Aviary's Raven Vector Editor.  Aviary is a free online design suite that has a lot of the same functionality as Illustrator.  Start by following these instructions, then watch the videos below for more info.

Log in to you ctkschool.org account.

From the services menu, click More, then Aviary

3. Select "Create Vectors" (in purple)

How to draw a basic icon with Raven:

Using other tools in Raven:


Using the skills you learned from designing the videos above, create a new, better logo for the Hackers.  Alternatively, design a badge that Hackers can post on their profiles when they complete one of the existing missions.  Note: badges should be pretty small, fitting within roughly 100x100 pixels. At that size, "busy" designs will be hard to make out.