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Mission 7: Make a superhero video ad

Using iMovie and flip video cameras, create a 30 second advertisement for a local superhero.  Use the script below as a jumping-off point:

"Hello, I'm [superhero name], and I'd like to tell you why I'm the number one choice for all your superhero needs.
I'm able to use my incredible power of [some superpower] to bring justice to evil-doers, save small children, clean up the environment, and remove kittens from trees.
Watch as I [something heroic].
So if you need a helping hand, just call 555-5555, for [superhero name]."

If you've never used iMovie before, you should go to this site to see some tips on how to get started: iMovie Intro

Below are two videos that demonstrate a few basic special effects techniques that you could use in your video.  Watch more videos from the VideoMaker series to learn different methods for special effects!