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Mission 2: Make a movie

Mission: Make a movie of your choosing.  You must have a written script approved by Mr. Dreyfus before beginning to shoot your movie.

In order to ensure that your script is approved, please follow these guidelines:
  • Include only school-appropriate content.  This means you should not depict any violence whatsoever, and be extremely careful that your film represents the values of Christ the King School.
  • Assign roles appropriate to each person's level of commitment and skills.  Your film may have as many actors and camera people as you need, but you must assign no more than 1 Director and 2 Editors.
  • Detail the locations used for filming, and which staff members will be available to supervise.
  • Expect for your film to be under 5 minutes in length.
After filming and editing, Mr. Dreyfus must review your film before it is published or shared with anyone outside of the club.