Portfolio Support


Every Hacker should have a Hackfolio!  This is a website that shares some info about you, your interests, and your skills.  It is also a collection of all your mission files.  To create your Hackfolio, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Google Sites
  2. Click "Create"
  3. Click "Browse the Gallery for More"
  4. Click "Hacker's Portfolio" and then "Select"
  5. Name it like so: FirstName LastInitial Hackfolio
  6. Click More Options and for Categories enter "hackers"
  7. Click "Create"
  8. Replace all the default content on the home page with your own info

Adding Missions

For each Mission you've completed, you should include the following:

Mission Name formatted as subheading

Description in regular text.  

Evidence.  Some examples of evidence include...  

link, an , or


For general help, here is Google's Sites Help Page.  Look for "Adding Content to Your Site"

Formatting Files for the Web

Everything you put on your portfolio needs to be in a format that allows others to view your final product.  You may need to convert your original files so they are viewable.  Here are some examples:
  • Garageband files (song.band) need to be exported to mp3s (song.mp3) [directions]
  • iMovie projects (movie.rcproject) need to be converted to movies (mov) and THEN uploaded to Google Docs or Youtube [directions]
  • Aviary (pic.egg) or Photoshop (pic.psd) files need to be exported as image files (jpg or png) [directions]
If you're posting something like code (program.rb) or a Sketchup project (house.skp), you should post BOTH the original file and a screenshot.

What if the product wasn't a file?

Other missions, like stripping down a computer or building the squarebot, do not have direct evidence that can be posted.  In that case, post a description or a picture if you have one.

Embedding Files on your Portfolio

Putting things on your page should be pretty easy.  Almost everything starts with clicking the "Insert" link on the site page.
  • Insert Image for any images, photos, or screenshots
  • Insert Document for Google Docs, like a script you might have written for a video
  • Insert Video for a Google Docs video or Youtube Video.
To upload files, save your edits and then click the "Add Files" link at the bottom of the page.

If your product is a website you made or something else that is on the web, you can insert a link to it by clicking the chain button.

Finally, you may have some other web object that isn't available from the insert menu.  Some websites will give you an html embed code to use for, well, embedding.  One example is a video from Vimeo.  Follow these directions to insert such an object.